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Big Iron National Accounts Manager

If you are a Company with surplus assets and have locations Nationally and/or Globally, you have special needs.

Big Iron National Accounts understands that and is here to help.

Big Iron National Accounts works with companies that need to sell surplus assets that are located at several or many locations throughout North America.

No need to move these items to an auction location, Big Iron National Accounts will go where ever the equipment is located, gather all the information needed, post the equipment to the first available Big Iron internet auction, sell and obtain top dollar for your equipment, collect from the buyer and send the proceeds to the seller in 14 business days after the close of the auction.

Why Sell Your Equipment On Big Iron?
No Transportation Costs.
Extensive World Wide Marketing program - Sale Bills, Publication Magazines, Papers, Radio & More.
Reasonable Selling Fee
No Buyers Premium
Large World Wide Bidder Base
Over 4.5 Million Page Views Per Month

National Accounts - Lonnie Korus - (402) 740-4943 - lonnie.korus@bigiron.com