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I was a little concerned about selling my 2010 John Deere Tractor on BigIron, because of the no reserve and commission cost. However, the BigIron Representative convinced me that it was a good way to sell my equipment. With their worldwide market and active bidders in 42-48 states, it made sense to sell my tractor on BigIron. I couldnít have gotten that kind of money by selling it locally. I was pleased with the results, because it sold for more than I had expected.

Alvin Nolte
Ackley, IA

What prompted our decision to use BigIron.com for our farm equipment sale? ∑ BigIron.com attracts buyers from 37 states. A farm sale ďmightĒ attract buyers from a 100-mile radius. Our wide-row equipment would not be of much value in our area. We got calls about our equipment from Pennsylvania to Utah and many states in between. ∑ BigIron.com sale is an online sale. We did NOT have to prepare our farm site for parking or an equipment line-up. We just took pictures and videos. ∑ BigIron.com buyers can sit in their office or home and drink their own coffee. We did not have to hire a lunch wagon or buy space heaters. ∑ BigIron.com sales are not affected by the weather. Farm sales usually occur on the coldest, snowiest day of winter. ∑ BigIron.com enabled me to view the auction day on my iPadÖ.while sitting on a beach in Key West, Florida. Need I say more?

Gregg Carr, Carr Bros. Farm
Hennepin, IL

David Slead, Slead Farms, Inc.
Lebo, KS

I have recently sold 32 items using BigIron Online Auction. I had 200 calls from bidders during the auction. The prices obtained by BigIron were well in excess of what I had expected. When I sell equipment in the future I will always use BigIron Online Auctions. BigIron made me big money!

Bill Gelhaus
Ohio Farmer

The first time I used BigIron turned out to be a very good experience. My area rep did a great job leading me. I had a lot of calls on the three items I sold. I asked everyone that called if they had any dealings with BigIron and they all gave them great reviews. That made me a little more relaxed. The payment check came just when they said it would. I would list equipment with them again.

Archie Kuntz
Brooklyn, IA

I must say that I was pretty skeptical about using BigIron. We had very specialized equipment that would only appeal to a small specialized segment. Cory did a wonderful job of taking clear pictures of the equipment and BigIron found a way to reach this unique group. It was actually exciting to watch the final hour of the bidding. The buyer came from a great distance and was very pleased with the equipment once he arrived. The amount of money the equipment bought far exceeded our expectations. Other departments at our institution are now interested in using BigIron in the future. It was a great experience.

Laura Gruntmeir, Ed.D, Redlands Community College
El Reno, OK

Dean Swanson, Ottertail Power Co.
Fergus Falls, Minnesota

When I retired and had to sell my farm equipment, I realized there are tax savings if all the equipment is not sold in the same year. I tried to sell the equipment private, by using ads in papers and on the internet. I sold one tractor in the fall of one year and another sold the next year, but I did not get any buyers for the sprayer and planter. I looked at online auctions as my best option. I choose BigIron because they have more sales, more buyers and a very good search option where buyers can find what they want to buy by typing the name of the item in the search and the items for sale are displayed with pictures. BigIron representatives take all photos and write the description of the equipment. Then I review the description and make changes if necessary. BigIron wants the equipment description to be accurate so the buyer is not misled. I will use BigIron next year for the rest of my retirement sale.

Al Schafbuch
Dysart, Iowa

I had never heard of BigIron until contacted by a BigIron Representative in regards to selling our equipment. I was a little doubtful that we would get the prices we expected from our items, because of the no reserve and most of the equipment was made in 2011 and had minimal usage. However, "I was pleasantly surprised with the 10 items bringing significantly more than expected." The worldwide network of advertising and marketing that BigIron does seems to get great prices for the equipment. And "it was a simple process with BigIron taking all the photos and videos that demonstrated the condition of the equipment."

Thank you BIGIRON.

Marlyn J. Murra
Parkersburg, Iowa

Lyle and I are absentee owners/managers of Geranium Ltd. Partnership. In the fall of 2010 we suffered through a poor dispersion sale of our cow herd. That experience left us gun shy as we started to plan for an equipment sale. Knowing that logistically we wouldn't be able to show equipment ourselves only severed to exasperate that sense of uneasiness. Steve understood our reservations and went above and beyond the call of duty to show equipment, answer questions, and coordinate post sale activities. He is a real testament to the professionalism at BigIron, and I can't thank him enough for all the support he's given us this past year. We trust that you too, appreciate the dedication of employees like Steve.

Dave Crow & Lyle Joyce, Geranium Ltd Partnership
Rochester, Minnesota

BigIron is a great outlet for used equipment! We were surprised by the prices received at absolute auction and one of our item sold to a buyer in Israel. BigIron has quality farmers bidding on their auction.

Eric Mason, Mason Machinery
Aurora, Utah

On behalf of Farm Credit Services of America and our Special Accounts team, I'd like to express our satisfaction with the BigIron Online Auctions. From the very first item we placed, we have been pleasantly surprised by the prices we have been seeing on our equipment. The process is simple and user-friendly. Your reps provide thorough inspection reports and photos of the equipment so that the representation is as accurate as possible. Response is quick and the site is very easy to navigate once the items are listed. Settlement is timely and detailed and the commission structure is straightforward and reasonable. We plan to continue utilizing BigIron for the disposition of acquired property and look forward to your continued expansion into other parts of the country.

Warmest regards,
Joe Dyrda, -Special Accounts Officer
Farm Credit Services of America

When I decided to retire from farming in Iowa I had a lot of choices on how I wanted to sell my equipment. After comparing the different alternatives I decided to have Bigiron.com conduct my retirement auction. One of the reasons I chose BigIron.com was because of the thousands of active bidders at every BigIron.com auction. I also chose BigIron.com because my equipment stayed on my farm and I did not have to worry about having a lot of strangers poking around my farm during the auction. My equipment was listed on BigIron.com for the whole world to view and bid on.

The sale of my equipment at BigIron.com brought 20% above my expectations. The professional manner in which the BigIron people handled the auction was also supreme and comforting. I would highly recommend to anyone that is selling their equipment to use BigIron.com. It is true that BigIron.com does bring the world to your place!

Bruce Keith, Double K Farm
Newton, Iowa

Tom Cullinane, Southwest Tire Co.
Omaha, Nebraska

Why would anyone have a traditional auction when the machinery can stay in the shed and you don't have to worry about the weather. Phone calls and visits from bidders from all across the country. Our combine sold to a buyer in Wisconsin. Having a retirement auction could not have been easier and what great results. We are glad we used BigIron for our retirement sale.

Gale Bristol & Gary Bredenkamp
York, Nebraska

Iím a young farmer from Holyoke, Colorado and I have purchased every piece of my haying operation equipment from BigIron. Iím extremely pleased with BigIronís service and my purchases. As a young farmer, Iím now the largest haying operation in the county.

Ted Roos
Holyoke, Colorado

I like BigIron.com! Does a wonderful job! Nothing like being at an auction at 4:00 AM in climate controlled environment.

Tadd Neitzel
St. Francis, Kansas

BigIron did a great job.

Gary's Tree Service
Elk Point, South Dakota

Very Satisfied contact these neighbors.

Vernon Knapp
Tilden, Nebraska

BigIron was great. I'll call again.

Phil Schmidt
Henderson, Nebraska

BigIron was very thorough, they called day of sale, and again next day.

Gary Heim
Middleton, Missouri

Your BigIron Representative was helpful and willing to do everything that was needed for my sale. Always available which was a A+++

ERC Farms, Jim Shuck
Edgar, Nebraska

It's my great pleasure to write this letter. Last year we had a terrific experience selling our equipment on BigIron. While I'm sure our experience benefited from your reputation, advertising, and online aution expertise, I know without a doubt that we wouldn't have enjoyed the success we did without our BigIron Representative.

I wanted to maximize the amount of bidders, so I looked for a no reserve, no buyer premium auction. With BigIron, my machinery was exposed to thousands of buyers both nationally and internationally. Some of my sale items brought less than I expected while others brought more. Overall, they exceeded my expectations. The bidders were able to call me direct which enabled me to point out any recent repair, maintenance, condition, history, etc., of my machinery, which I believe helped my prices. I feel online auctions are the way used machinery will be sold in the future.

Marvin Cline
Smolan, Kansas

I received a higher selling price than I expected using BigIron Auction to sell my construction equipment. My BigIron Representative did an outstanding job of helping me through the entire process.

Chris Kreger
Ironton, Minnesota

I chose to work with BigIron because I did my homework in researching the various online auction services. My research indicated that BigIron was obtaining a higher price than other online auction services on larger equipment. I did not want an auction with buyer premiums due to the buyer having to adjust the bid by 10% and the auction charging the seller 5% to 8% which results in 15% to 18% less on my equipment. I prefer a straight out commission of 7% to 11%/ The end result was a gentleman from Colorado purchased my truck for $11,000.00 more that I was offered for it on a trade-in. This allowed me the flexibility to deal with dealers on a straight out, no trade-in price, or purchase from an individual that would not take a trade-in. I like the fact that I have a BigIron Representative that came to my location, took the photographs, wrote the descriptions, and made the entire process easy.

Kody Chase, Chase Farms
Abilene, Kansas

Thank you for all your work on our items for the auction today. Looking at the site I can say we were very pleased with the photos and videos you had posted for each item giving the bidders good information on each piece of equipment. The flyers with our logo were also well done. We feel like our items brought a good price and are happy with the results. You will be hearing from us again for future auctions. Thank you for knocking on our door the first day you stopped in with the "cold call", you opened our eyes up to something we didn't realize was out there.

Jill Craft, Gethman Construction, Inc.
Marshalltown, Iowa

I was a buyer on BigIron before I was a seller, and was always impressed with their professionalism and service. As a seller, I like the fact I can represent my equipment when bidders call or they can come to my location and inspect the sale items. I believe this gives buyers a level of comfort not available in other venues. Bad weather has no effect on a Big Iron auction because you can bid from anywhere you have internet access. BigIron gives anyone a terrific medium to turn assets or inventory into cash in a fast, safe and easy process. Additionally, you always have a local representative to help you from start to finish.

Ron Buttenhoff
Lincoln, Kansas

BigIron Online Auctions is fast, easy, and secure. After I listed my equipment, I received my check in about 45 days. My local representative took all the photographs, listed the specifications and answered any questions I had. The equipment stayed in my possession, on my lot, until it was paid for. BigIron did all the necessary paperwork, title transfers, and prepared the buyer. When the buyer came to take delivery all the paperwork was in order. Since the equipment was sold "as is where is" I didn't have the buyer calling me 30 days after the sale requesting me to repair or replace something. I feel I received good market value for my equipment because BigIron is a no reserve auction.

Dennis Hronek, Hronek Salvage
Salina, Kansas

Recieved lots more calls than I expected.

Kim Goracke
Hope, Kansas

We've used BigIron multiple times because it works! We are amazed at the reach and how far away some of the equipment is purchased. Stale inventory is gone, we have our money shortly after the auction. Simple to use we sign the paperwork, respond to the phone calls and BigIron does the rest.

Dave Lytle, Klein's Motor Electric
McCook, Nebraska

My relationship with the BigIron District Manager got me interested in BigIron. We have used their service twice. BigIron does all the work, they are a no hassle way to sell your equipment. BigIron is very professional with all they do, from advertising, photographs and description. I recommend BigIron to my friends.

Marvin Rose, Great Bend Coop
Great Bend, Kansas

I was satisfied with my BigIron experience. The weekend before the sale I had several people come and look at my equipment and plenty of phone calls. BigIron generated a lot of interest in my equipment. BigIron was easy to do business with and my questions were always answered promptly. I've told my neighbors to use BigIron.

Kenny Riemann
Edmond, Kansas

I will use BigIron next time for sure!

Burgess Well Drilling
Minden, Nebraska

I'm sold on BigIron. We received great care and service from our BigIron Representative. I think we received twice the money we would have on many items compared to a traditional auction. The extra for advertising and the picture in the sale bill made a big difference. We had calls from Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Dave Plugge
Madison Nebraska

I want thank you and your entire staff for doing an excellent job with the recent BigIron Auction. It is always a little nervous putting 37 pieces of farm equipment on an absolute internet auction and especially when some of those pieces are high dollar pieces. We had over $750,000 in inventory that went on auction and we for the most part received 100% of our dollars back. I felt that was outstanding and we will look forward to continuing to monitor our inventory and use BigIron as a way of keeping our inventory in check. In fact we will be putting equipment on your January auction. I also want to commend all of your staff for a very professional job. Everyone was more than helpful from beginning to end. As we had several customers here at our Sterling store watching the auction and they were all impressed with how professional the auction was conducted. We also want to give a big thanks to our BigIron Representative for all of his effort. We couldn't have asked for more or better assistance than what he provided. We couldn't help but be impressed with the numbers of bidders on this auction of 6,281 with 15 states represented and 3 countries.

Thanks again,
Cal West
MV Equipment
Listen to Cal West!