Getting Help

A majority of reported issues do not contain the information we need to provide resolution or could be easily resolved by with some simple suggestions. Please read this page carefully.

How Do I Get Help?

  • If you require a response or if you have a question about an auction, a lot on an auction, your invoice or settlement, then you should submit a request for us to contact you.
  • If you would like to report an issue or make a suggestion for the web site, please fill out this form and submit it. Your form will be reported to the development staff but you may not directly receive any further follow up. You must include an email address in the contact field if you want an update on the status of your issue report.
  • If you are a sales representative and have questions about a listing, please send an email to
  • If you having problems using the the web site, please send an email to

Self Help

The following simple checks solve 75% of the support requests we get.

  • Read the instructions on the web page. It seems obvious but a majority of our support requests would be solved if the user just carefully read and followed the instructions on the screen.
  • Refresh the current page (press F5). Your browser caches information and sometimes that information is out of date. Refreshing will often solve this.
  • Sign out and then sign in again. Your sign-in will expire after a period of time. Once expired, you will experience errors if you attempt to access pages which require you to be signed in.
  • Close and restart your browser. Browsers have bugs like all software and, often, you can solve a problem by simply restarting.
  • Reboot your device. Trust us, we're programmers. The first thing WE generally do when experiencing an unexpected problem is to reboot or restart. It solves way more issues than you would expect.

How Should I Report a Suggestion or Issue?

IMPORTANT! A good suggestion describes WHAT you did, the RESULT and what you EXPECTED. To resolve an issue, we need to recreate what you did and saw and then, potentially, change the system to correct any issues. If you need help using the site, describe what it is you were attempting to accomplish. Be specific in what you wanted to do, requests such as "I want to list an item" or "I want to bid on an item" are simply too broad for us to respond to with any meaningful amount of detail.
  • Please make sure that you provide detailed information for us to be able to understand your issue. Unfortunately, a large percentage of reported issues essentially say “it does not work”, and, far too often, all we can say is “it works for us”. Everyone is frustrated in these cases. You need to tell us very specifically what is not working for you and what you were trying to accomplish.
  • Be specific. Do not say “I could not edit an item”. Instead, give a name of the specific item you could not edit and the specific field you were trying to edit and the specific value you were trying to place in that field. Otherwise, we are probably just going to say “We were able to edit an item”. And, then, we will both be annoyed.
  • To resolve an issue, we need to be able to recreate the problem. If your issue is not reproducible, it will never get fixed. You should clearly mention the steps to reproduce the issue. Do not assume or skip any step in reproducing the issue. A good test is whether you can grab an average Joe off the street and have him follow your written instructions and reproduce the issue.
  • Describe WHAT you did using very precise descriptions. Do not assume anything. Provide click by click and keystroke by keystroke instructions.
  • Describe the RESULT of what you did. Sometimes we see different results then you. This may be because we have different permissions or it may be because your instructions were not complete enough or it may be because of some other unique factor that has yet to be discovered.
  • Describe what you EXPECTED to happen. Sometimes the system is doing what we want it to do and we just don't realize you are expecting something else.
  • Please only report ONE issue per submission. Each distinct issues should be reported separately.
  • Include the complete address (URL) from the address bar of the browser.
  • Include the hardware platform you were using. For example, PC or iPad or iPhone or Android phone.
  • Include the browser you were using. For example, Internet Explorer (IE) or Apple Safari or Google Chrome or FireFox.
  • It is particularly helpful if you can email us a screen shot .
  • If you are having performance issues, try using Speed Test and send us the results.
  • Include the web site version. The product version is a number listed at the very end of the last sentence on the web page.
  • Each issue should be clearly identifiable by the title. Keep it short yet give a descriptive summary of the issue. Use meaningful titles that reveal the point of the issue without further reading.
  • Do not write an essay about the problem. Be specific and to the point. Try to summarize the problem in a minimum of words. Do not combine multiple problems even if they seem to be similar. Write different reports for each problem.

Contact Us Directly

NOTICE! Please prefer online submission of support issues over email or texts or voice calls. Programmers need to maintain their productivity by avoiding constant interruptions, especially from voice calls. We try to provide a balance between support and general web site development. Support requests are queued and handled either first thing in the morning or last thing in the day. In general, you should only call if the web site is down or otherwise non-functional. The online submission enters items directly into the tracking database.

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