Loren Carlat - Wyoming

Nienhueser Construction & Excavating

”They'll go to work for you. They know what they're doing and they're not afraid to do it.”Dennis Nienhueser, Nienhueser Construction & Excavating, Sidney, Nebraska

Werner Service and Trucking

"The BigIron Reps were very knowledgeable; they had trucking experience and had been in the trucking business. That made a difference to us, with them knowing about trucks and what needed to be done to make our equipment look good. We think they did a really good job."Curt Werner, Werner Service & Trucking, St. Edward, Nebraska

Brian Mixan, Empire Construction LLC, Red Oak, IA

"Ultimately we decided to go with BigIron because of the overall marketing approach. They've got a very big, big audience and they get a lot of viewers -that just seemed like the place to put our equipment. Their behind the scenes marketing plan is really getting a lot of people looking at this stuff. We had calls from across the country; you just don't really expect someone from North Carolina to be looking at a dozer in Iowa."Brian Mixan, Empire Construction LLC, Red Oak, IA

Bruce Supplies & Construction Testimonial

"I would recommend BigIron to anyone. I think first and foremost you get quality people. You know you get the people that you see on the street. People that you basically get to call friends when you’re all said and done."Scott Bruce, Bruce Supplies & Construction, Red Oak, Iowa