About Us

Ron and Mark Stock are the co-founders of BigIron Auctions and BigIron Realty. As pioneers in the industry, they were among the first to provide a safe, secure way for owners to receive fair market value for their assets via an online auction. Over the years, we’ve expanded our operations, and now conduct weekly equipment, land and livestock auctions from coast-to-coast.

Despite our growth, one thing remains unchanged – our commitment to providing an honest, trustworthy auction. We start with all auctions being unreserved, so participants can rest assured that everything on our site will sell to the highest bidder. All items on BigIron.com are lien-free, ensuring free transfer of assets. Plus, we facilitate complete transparency between buyers and sellers, allowing potential bidders to contact the previous owner with any questions they may have.

Every day on BigIron, you’ll find the following:
Rural Connections: With straightforward, efficient buying and selling, we are seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers from all across rural America and beyond.
Respected Values: With our honest, safe and reliable auctions, you can be confident in your decision to buy or sell with BigIron.
Real Deals: With our unreserved auctions, at the drop of the hammer everything sells to the highest bidder.

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Phone: 1-800-937-3558


When you’re ready to sell farm or ranch property, or if you need us to manage your family’s land – our services are backed by more than 30 years of experience. We started our business in 1984, and have assembled a great team of real estate professionals over the years.

Rest assured the trusted and respected BigIron brand will give you access to an even larger viewing audience of buyers looking to invest or expand their operations. More buyers create higher selling prices and a faster selling time. And thanks to our nationwide footprint, we are able to recruit the very best real estate agents. The end goal is to market your property effectively and provide you with a seamless selling experience.

BigIron Realty is proud to have real estate agents to go to work for you. Whether you’re ready to sell a farm today or a year from now, we will do whatever it takes to guarantee your satisfaction. Our database of buyers and investors is growing rapidly. We will get your property SOLD through private treaty sales, public auction or via online auction.

Our family values – honesty, loyalty and integrity – have been the pillars for steady growth since day one. We promise to deliver these values to you. If you have any questions about BigIron Realty, want to talk about selling or buying a farm or ranch, or want to learn more about our farm management services, please don’t hesitate to call. Let us help achieve your goals today!