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Linking Farmers’ Gates Across the Country

An Independent Sales Representative (ISR) role presents a tremendous opportunity and sustainable income opportunity for qualified individuals desiring to build their own business and participate in a proven growth formula

We seek individuals possessing experience in serving the agriculture markets within key counties located in major U.S. farm producing states. ISRs create and increase company awareness and sales of online auction services within their defined territories.

From our ISRs - “Why did you choose to be an ISR for BigIron?”

Qualities of Outstanding ISRs

BigIron’s exceptional independent sales representatives have had experience working within agriculture markets - including: farmers, ranchers, co-ops, seed or fertilizer production and distribution, crop insurance and adjustment or ag-lending services, retail ag-equipment and implements, retail truck and trailer sales and unreserved auction sales. Our successful independent sales representatives also have proven relationship selling skills and computer proficiency.

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From our ISRs - “What has been your most rewarding experience?”

BigIron Advantages

  • Full-time sales opportunities provide the potential for a progressive six-figure annual income
  • We offer the highest commissions in the industry
  • ISRs have assigned, measured and protected territories
  • We offer a web-based technology supported platform to manage your business
  • Receive company provided training and continuing education to help you succeed
  • BigIron has a dedicated Sales Listings, Lien Search, Titles, and Accounting support team
  • Sales Management and National Accounts support provided
  • BigIron offers a sustainable leading value proposition to the agriculture equipment industry
  • We offer marketing tools, proven selling and support systems for a best practice approach
  • Limited start up investment required