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    Colby Estates Residential Community, Colby Estates Residential Community! 


    The Developer/Builder and Molly want to make this excitingjourney one with minimum stress and one that is about you.

    Purchasing a new construction home is super exciting. Andthat’s because no one has lived in it before. It’s all yours. However, if this isyour first time purchasing a new construction home you may be entering newterritory. Because, with new construction you make the decisions about theselections. That’s also super exciting because now you have the opportunity topersonalize your new home. After all, your new home is a reflection of yourpersonal style and lifestyle. And, from the littlest details to the finishingtouches you can make it stand out from the crowd.

    But, first, let’s define a new construction home. Asemi-custom home or (personalized home) is the first type. When purchasing a personalizedhome buyer, you are able to choose both the lot and its location in thedevelopment. Buyers can choose a home from the two home plans provided by thebuilder. And there’s also a multitude of options to choose from makingpersonalizing the home to make it “YOURS”. There are many upgrades and optionsfor you to decide on.  And, as far as theoptions go, the sky’s the limit. Or, until your pocketbook runs out of money.

    When you decide to build a new home, it is important to meetwith the builder. Please schedule your appointment in advance and have a listof your questions and thoughts ready to discuss. From the exterior to theinterior, you have the opportunity to personalize your new home. The Builderwill let you know what can or can’t be done and you will then be given anyupgrade cost to personalize. Please note all upgrades will have a time limit tobe requested, so the build can be finished by the contract deadline.

    Get ready for this journey.





    Please see each Lot for specific terms.